Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wed. Apr. 25th 2012

I didn't think I had missed doing this for a whole week, but that might give you an idea of how busy we've been!

Thurs. 19th - Brent went to get his Greek driver's license.  To this point, there had been weeks of preparations in order to do this - including getting a transcript of his Canadian driving record, having it translated into Greek at the Vancouver Consulate and faxed by them to the authorities here.  He did not get the license"today"!!  Does that surprise you??  He was actually accompanied by the church lawyer and so, through her, they were able to find out that this "transportation" dept. instructions say that Brent has 185 days after he got his residency permit to get the driver's license, whereas the police have been saying that you have 185 days after you set foot in Greece to get your license.  The transportation people won't give him the license until July now!!!   Goodness know what happens if Brent gets pulled over for anything!!!  Interesting!!   About mid-afternoon Elder and Sis. Collier and the two sisters from Thessaloniki arrived.  They are down for the training meeting tomorrow and It is super to have them.  Both Brent and I have to do a presentation at this meeting tomorrow and we've hardly had time to prepare for that - hope it turns out OK.

Fri. 20th - We had a big rush to get breakfast for everyone and send them off to the meeting (we didn't have to be there until later).   I chose to talk about showing love for others.  Brent said I did OK!  I never feel like I do much good unfortunately.  He, however, did a tremendous job.  He actually spoke about statistics and incorporated a game into it - the young missionaries loved it - we oldies also loved it.  We didn't get back to the Mission Office until 6:30 pm and we opted to purchase supper  from the Noodle Bar (a Chinese style restaurant that delivers).  That was a popular decision and I made a huge fruit salad for dessert.

Sat. 21st - Our guests from Thessaloniki began their drive back at 9:00 am. and Brent took off at that time also to drive Pres. & Sis. Charles and the Assts. to the airport - going to Cyprus.  Later, Brent had to go over to the Mission Home to let the "bug man" in to spray for cockroaches.  They do that twice a year to make sure they don't get any of them.  Apparently, when they moved in there three years ago, there were some then, but they have been diligent in keeping food put away and being very clean and the have been free of them since.  Late afternoon, we receive a strange call from another Mission President about a person stuck in Athens without money for a hotel that night and for a taxi fare to the airport for the next day.  We actually found her and spoke to her on the hotel phone where she was waiting, but she wasn't making sense - we thought perhaps that she didn't understand English very well!!  Anyway, we told her to wait there and we'd be down to help her.  When we got there, she had left!!!

Sun. 22nd - It was a beautiful clear, warm day.  Not very many people at church today.  I had to teach the Relief Society lesson because the teacher was away.  I had been making notes yesterday for it and was just about finished when we got that call about the "stranded lady" and I thought I would just quickly finish it up - in my haste I hit a wrong key which brought the options of "save" - "don't save" and "cancel" and before I realized what I had done, I hit the "don't save" choice!!!   Eeeek!  There went my work and no time to work on it again - so I just talked about what I could remember basically.  Not a good plan  -  I'm not good at winging it.

Mon. 23rd. We just realized that we've passed the six month point for actually being here in Greece as we landed Oct. 23rd 2011.  Just another busy day going flat out in the office.  With Pres. Charles away, things can be a bit quieter and it becomes a great catch-up time.

Tues. 24th - When Brent went for the mail this morning, he also went to the bank to transfer some money to one of the elders over there - couldn't do it - he forgot to take "the stamp"  -  you can't do anything here without the corporate stamp!!  Later, elder & Sis. Elks came up to the mission office to give us a hand.  They are the newest mission couple and he was a controller in the church offices in Britain a few years ago and knows finances inside out.  Needless to say, he was an excellent help to Brent and got him sorted out in quite a few problem areas.  Sis. Elks was a sweetheart and help me prepare 11 booklets for incoming missionaries - a huge job that normally takes a couple of days with interruptions - we got it done in half a day!  The highlight of the day was that we received a package from Brenda with Easter treats and my medications and supplements - yahoo!

Wed. 25th - We did a 10:00 am run to the airport to pick up the Assts.  Pres. & Sis. Charles won't be back until Saturday.  It was nice to have the Assts. back - they help us a lot with the Greek language in invoices and phone calls.  We are beginning the month end job now, so the rush is on again!!

Brent too a photo of these olive trees -  they are quite remarkable and live a very long time.

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  1. I realize it's too late now, but I had the entire process written out.

    It's based on real-life experience, not official documentation or ministry websites, which are usually inaccurate and outdated. All best.