Friday, 25 May 2012

Fri. May 18th 2012

Well - we were up at 3:00 am!!  We were given permission to hook up on Skype and to be part of Sophie's baptismal service.  There we were at 3:00am, all dressed in missionary attire and badges and I was privileged to give the talk on baptism and Brent gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Dave had it all set up technically and we actually did it on "FaceTime"  - not Skype - and the video was so clear and sharp and the audio had no blips or interruptions and it was very reverent and quiet.  It really felt like we were right there!  We saw our kids and grandchildren and a lot of friends.  It was like being a fly on the wall!!  We were so thrilled to see it all and to be part of it.  After that excitement, the rest of the day seemed dull!  We had a glitch with the Cyprus supplies order.  They called asking if we could check to see what happened to it.  We had received ours, but hadn't checked it or put it away as yet  - so as we checked it all out, we found that Distribution had sent all the Cyprus stuff to us in spite of the Cyprus address clearly at the top of the order!  So we phoned and they wanted us to send it across to Cyprus.  We told them why that doesn't work  (different country, different tax set-up, VERY expensive to send it and could take months on a ship).  In the end, they agreed to re-ship them and we keep their original order.

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