Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sat. May 12th 2012

I finally found a summer skirt that was a decent length that I could wear - I've only been looking for a month or two.  They are either too long or too short!   We went to a baptism this afternoon - a really nice young man from Ghana.  There are a lot of immigrants here from Africa and quite a number of them had joined the church.  After that, we went with the Assts. to visit with a lady who had joined the Church many years ago and hasn't attended for a long, long time.  Her home is right on the seafront - about 30 km from the mission office.  It is a beautiful home and the setting is wonderful with the beach and water right across the road.  We had a good visit with her - she has been through a lot and is pretty messed up and is going to go away for a while to try and get things straightened out.  She grew up in Toronto (although she was born in Greece) and she headed over there at the end of the month.

Here's another picture from "Karen's visit"  -  sitting on rocks at Mars Hill.

IMG 1014

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