Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sun. May 20th 2012

Up and off to speak at Acropoli Branch!  It didn't happen!!  When we were about 5 miles away from the Branch we encountered road blocks!!  There was a half-marathon in progress and a whole bunch of streets were closed.  We tried a couple of routes, but to no avail and what with the detours which put us into areas we had never been in before (the streets near the centre are like rabbit warrens)  Brent was getting more frustrated and more lost by the minute!  So, we called the Assts. and found that they were already at Acropoli Branch (they must have arrived there before the road blocks went up!) and we asked them for guidance on getting out of our mess.  They suggested (since there was no way we could get any closer) that we call the Mowers.  On the 3rd Sunday, couples are assigned to talk in the two buildings in Athens  -  otherwise we attend church in the area we live in.  The Mowers normally attend Acropoli and we attend Halandri.  Since we were supposed to talk in Acropoli, Mowers were slated to talk in Halandri.  The idea was to see if the Mowers could go to Acropoli (since we couldn't get there) and we go to Halandri.  We phoned the Mowers only to find that the Metro had also been affected by the marathon in that Mowers were stuck at the station near Acropoli and unable to get to Halandri.  Yea!  it all worked out  -  except that  -  the Mowers spoke in Acropoli last month and they were planning to use the same talk for Halandri today!!!   Oooop.
I guess they ad libbed.   Later Brent & I had our bi-monthly interview with Pres. Charles.  He's satisfied with our efforts and we had a lovely visit with him.  We are all very much aware of his term coming to an end and we know we will miss them very much.

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