Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sun. May 6th 2012

Fri. May 4th -  It was another nice warm day.  We spent all day with the Elks.  Elder Elks helped Brent, instructing him in the mysteries of accounting and computer programs.  Sister Elks and I worked on four huge binders of Teaching Records that had become so full we had to do something about - couldn't get any more in them!!  Some of the records went back as far as 2003!!  Anyway, we had fun doing it together and it was done in half the time.

Sat. May 5th - Regular Saturday stuff - grocery shopping as usual and constant office work to be done.  I had to find the driving requirements for Greece and Cyprus.  It was another area that I hadn't looked at much.  The file was such a mess we finished up taking it all over to the President's and having him sort it out for us which turned out to be a nice little break for us too.

Sun. May 6th - We had a full-house at church today as all the folk from the Acropoli Branch were with us.  The owner of their building is having new windows installed.  Quite a few visitors today  (tourist season is upon us) - mostly former missionaries and their families  Outside our building we had to check out "Toby the tortoise"  - we had a hard time finding him  - probably because it was fairly hot (27C). He was keeping cool in some bushes!

Flowers here are incredible just now.  Here's two of my favorites -


IMG 1007 IMG 1000

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