Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thurs. May 24th 2012

Brent took more documents down to the police station first thing this morning.  He picked Elder Tong up on the way back and we worked with him most of the morning on the audit which was finished about noon..  He surprised us with an invitation to go back to "3 Pigs" for lunch  -  it seems he like it very much on our Tuesday night visit there.  After that, it was time for us to take him to the airport for his flight home to Manchester, England.  Apparently, it was a good audit - only two errors!  The bonus for us was meeting Elder Tong -  he is such a fun little man to be around.  When arriving back from the airport, the Assts. were on there way to the office.  The elders had prep. day and had been out playing soccer.  Elder A. had developed a huge blood blister on the ball of his foot (which had not burst) from playing on astro-turf, which we understand is very hard on the feet!  He got some TLC in the way of a hot salted water foot bath.  He said it felt a lot better after that  and we bandaged it up for him along with some teasing from his companion!!

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