Friday, 4 May 2012

Thurs. May 3rd 2012

President came over here with his broken airport this morning - he was very unhappy at the inconvenience as all the Mission Home computers were down! However, Brent was able to get the exact model at the store to replace it which meant no configuring was necessary - he just had to plug it in so now he's a "happy camper."  Before his computers were fixed, he tried to create a document here and that wasn't working well for him.  He finished up talking into Brent's little recorder and then I type the report out by listening to the recorder.  It worked, but was a bit of a pain having to back up assists. were told to make a 2 hour trip out of Athens to a man who asked to hear about our church.  That happens rarely - I don't know the whole story, but this guy must be special for some reason.  The Assts. reported that it was a very good meeting and that they expect it will further than this.  Karen is supposed to oak here next Tuesday and Gord and Kathy and I were e-mailing and skyping back and forth trying to get messages to Karen re our plans for when she comes.  I tried texting her (she can receive texts when the ship is in port) but I received no answer.

This is looking down at the Acropolis from Lycabettus Hill.

IMG 6097

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