Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tues. May 1st 2012

I think Brent is starting to heal finally.  He's started eating some solids (scrambled egg and cheese) which is good - he's still having bad tummy pains, but not as often.  In all, he's lost 10 lbs now!!!  The Assts. stayed up here overnight and came up sheepishly this morning looking for some breakfast as there was, no food down stairs so we fed them.  Nobody really stays downstairs continually - when Elders come up here to do some work, they sometimes stay over, although the Assts. usually do stay weekly when the meetings are on  -  but they don't always remember to bring food.  I went the rounds with my computer again today.  I was trying to submit an order and it just wouldn't work - it kept giving me error messages  -  so I finally called the help desk and was told that when working in that program I should launch it through Explorer, not Firefox.  It went ahead doing it through Explorer and it worked fine!!!  Frustrations!!  It was May Day/Labor Day holiday here today and we got a call about 9 pm - two of the elders had locked themselves out of their apartment!!!  The Assts took the spare keys from the cupboard here and headed off way down to that apartment.  In no time they were back - they got about two miles from here and the traffic was so jammed up with people celebrating the holiday that they had to give up trying to do all the way down there.  The unfortunate elders had to go to another elder's apartment and bunk there for the night.  There were fireworks going off quite a bit too.

We didn't go on the excursion last thursday to the top of Lycabettus Hill, but one of the Sr. missionaries shared his photos with us.  This hill is the highest point in Athens (much higher than the Acropolis) and has a little church on the top.  It has kind of a cable car that you can take to the top - the view from up there is incredible. This is the little church.

IMG 6099

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