Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tues. May 22nd 2012

It's Myles birthday  -  and  -  seven months that we've been on our mission!  Our auditor's name is Alan Tong and he arrived this afternoon.  Since we were out at the airport to get him, we took the opportunity to go to Ikea (which is right by the airport) and picked up a few things  -  we don't get there very often, so we usually have a little list built up for such occasions.  Elder Tong's plane was about a half hour late and we finally spotted him amongst the passengers.  He is a jolly looking, little Englishman with a sense of humor to match. We felt at ease with him at once and judged that the audit was likely to be a pleasant experience.  We have heard reports to the contrary from others about other auditors.  One man said - auditors are the guys that come in after the battle and bayonet the wounded!  We brought him back to the Mission Office and Pres. & Sis. Charles came up and after a short visit we all went to supper at the "3 Pigs"  -  and it was very good.

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