Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tues. May 8th 2012

Had an absolutely wonderful day.  We were able to meet our dear friend Karen whose cruise ship docked here today.  She met us with friends, Daniella and the Henrys about 8:30 am.  It was a lovely warm morning and we immediately went up to the Acropolis before it got too hot and too crowded (there were three cruise ships in the harbor).  It was pleasant walking up to the ticket place - which is really at the foot of the Acropolis - but when we got there, 3 or 4 group arrived and suddenly, it was crowded and getting hot.  I was glad I had brought my umbrella and sunscreen. We made it up to the top and there are only trees along the south-east side, so it's quite open and dry and hot, but a wondrous place to take in.  All of the buildings are being restored and the Parthenon is looking really good, but it has a lot of work to be done on it before they finish. I guess we were up there about a 1/2 hour and then made our way down again.  When we got to the bottom, Karen, Brent and I went across to Mars Hill, but Daniella and the Henrys sat on a bench and cooled off under the trees while we went.  Mars Hill is just a huge rock, but it slopes down gently on the south end and there it has some trees and many rocks.  We wondered just how many Athenians sat around there and listened to Paul the Apostle.  After that  we strolled back along the main walk and came to the Acropolis Museum.  We didn't go in, but there is a large area out the front where you are walking on glass and below you can see ancient ruins of old Athens - in one area there was a tile floor of intricate design - you could make out the rooms and what looked like a cistern - it was amazing.  By this time it was 12:30 plus and we went to the Arcadian restaurant for lunch.  We had been introduced to it about a month ago by the Mowers and we really enjoyed it, so it was worth another try.  They didn't let us down - most of us Mousaka and loved it.  We ate at tables out the front - it was a no-traffic area and was in the shade of umbrellas and trees.  We were so grateful for the rest and the cold water.  At one point after we had finished eating and were just sitting and relaxing, a few little sparrows flew down and sat right on the table, so close you could have touched them!!.  The next thing was shopping at the Plaka - that's when the men decided that it was time for them to go the the church (which was just around the corner) and rest a bit!!!  So they left us and we went up and down the little lanes of tiny shops looking for souvenirs.  They got a few things and then we went back to the church also.  We found the men lounging comfortably in the YSA area visiting with one of our senior couples, the Elks, so we joined them until it was time for Karen and company to return to the ship.  We had had a super time and it was hard saying goodbye - it would have been nice to be longer.

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