Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wed. May 23rd 2012

A "big day" today.  Of course we expected to be fully involved with the audit, but it was also meeting day.  Before everyone arrived we prepared as much of the food that we could (others were contributing also) so Brent and I could be on deck to provide records and answer questions for Elder Tong.  As it happened, it was Brent that Elder Tong needed most pre-lunch, which meant Brent was unable to help with the food (as is his custom) so I found myself directing Pres. Charles in the preparation of Greek salad act.  All the others were in Greek class at the time.  Sis. Charles had brought a marvelous main dish - apparently one of Pres. C's favorites - and Sis. Maxwell brought a chocolate sheet cake!!!  (shades of home for me so that was extra special).  We did Greek salad and a huge fruit salad and country style bread - it's like a rock (even though it was baked today) but everyone here seem to like it very much.  Around 5:30, Sophia (one of the lawyers) took Brent and I down to the police station where we had to provide Brent's tax number and insurance papers  -  it seems that Mr. V. (the man who ran into the side of Brent's car) has filed "criminal" charges (under some Act) against Brent!!!  Now Sophia has five days to prepare a statement from "our side"!  Brent asked her if he could just "settle out of court" so to speak, giving him monetary compensation?  on the understanding that he would withdraw his action against Brent and/or the Church!!!  We'll have to see.

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