Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wed. May 2nd 2012

When Brent was coming home rom getting the mail this morning, he was detoured and it wasn't until he got back onto that road, further down - as he looked back he could see four burnt out cars!!!  Haven't a clue what happened.  It was Wednesday meetings day today and Pres. decided to have them all at the Mission Home in case Brent was still under the weather.  As it happened, Brent slept right through last night and he felt pretty good this morning.  We were invited to go for lunch with them at the Mission Home and we went.  It was Elder Mower's birthday - so there was a little bit of extra fun to be had.

This is the Bell Tower of Agios Georgios church (St. George's) on top of Lycabettus Hill.  There is also a restaurant and theatre up there.

IMG 6103

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