Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wed. May 30th 2012

We had the Assts. take their car in for servicing and brakes today.  There is a big push to get all the cars in shape before Pres. Freestone arrives.  Someone gave Elder and Sis. Elks bunch of documents regarding our rented apartments - all in Greek, of course.  So they met with the Assts. here in the office, who translated them for them.  We experience a huge thunder and lightning storm this afternoon with tons of rain!  We had a couple of errands to do this afternoon for the President, so we started out early to go the airport to pick him up and did the errands on the way - we also stopped in at Ikea by the airport.  President's plane was about a half hour late - but it was fun watching all the people coming and going.  The sisters from Thesseloniki were arriving at the train station the same time as Pres. and Sis. Charles, so the Elks went down to pick them up.  When we all arrived at the mission office, we ate a very late supper.

A little there-month-old goat in the neighbors yard temporarily -

IMG 1056

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