Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fri. June 8th 2012

Well!  We are confined to "barracks!"  -  in are apartment down the hall from the office anyway!  The painters are doing to main office today and everything in there is sort of lumped in the middle of the room and covered with plastic.  There is dust everywhere from the sanding and everything feel yucky - you wonder how much is getting into one's food etc.  Pres. Charles called with some plane and hotel bookings to do right away for our new Mission President and so I braved the office, dived under the plastic (but when they saw what I was trying to do, they pulled the plastic back for me) and I made the bookings, half sitting/half standing - squished between drawers and cupboards and leaning over a cupboard to reach the keyboard  -  it must have looked funny, but I did it!.  Apparently the painters will be back tomorrow to do the hallway and the mail room!!!

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