Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mon. June 25th 2012

Got an early start on the day to prepare for the "deep cleaners" to come in and do their magic.  This is all in preparation for the arrival of our new Mission President.   We wanted to ask questions about what they were going to clean, but none of them spoke English.  Oh boy! could they ever clean up a storm - they worked like little beavers.  By 3:30 they had been through the place like a whirlwind and it does look very nice.  They steam cleaned the carpet in the office and so we cut up cardboard and place them like stepping stones so we could get back to doing our work - and there we sat in 34C. temps with all the windows wide open so that the carpet could dry  -  phew! it was not very comfortable - and when I say window - it actually opens like a door on runners and is about 7 ft. wide and is about 7 ft high!!  There are smaller windows all around as well.

It is quite common to see this kind of treatment of the cedar trees - shaped to fit nicely where they are growing.  This house is just around the corner from us -

IMG 1105

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