Friday, 8 June 2012

Mon. June 4th 2012

One of the elders who is going home in July decided to pack a couple of boxes and send them home via DHL rather than have to pay the exorbitant amount they charge for over-weight baggage.  Brent called DHL and arranged for a pick-up and was given the date of June 4th at 10 am.  We waited until 1:00 pm and then Brent called them to learn that it was a holiday and there are no pick-ups today!!!  Only in Greece!  No advisory that it was a holiday and was told to check with them "in the morning"!   Then we went out to a little town - Paiania - to a warehouse to pick up more of those special batteries that go in the little translator units you hang on your ear to listen in English or Greek as the case may be.  Tuesdays, apparently, are going to be meeting days from now on and so we picked up food for that on the way back.


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