Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sun. June 10th 2012

It was "pot-luck" at church to day.  We made up some meatballs with Cream of Mushroom soup over them and took a chocolate loaf and some juice.  Just as well because there was only two other "main: dishes brought!  No salads  -  no bread  -  no other juice, but some bottled water.  Luckily all the dishes were of a generous size as there were about 28 people there.  Attendance at the meetings was a little better than last week, but could be a lot better.

The camellia bushes have started to blossom.  I remember them from Auntie Mary's garden on Traill St. Northcote in Melbrourne, but I think they were different variety - hers seemed more flat  and open whereas the petals on these seem more frilly.  I just remember that you couldn't tough the petals or they would turn brown  -

IMG 1085

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