Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sun. June 17th 2012

Well, we made it down to Acropoli Branch without a hitch and arrived there almost 50 mins. early.  We had left the office with so much time to spare in case there were any hang-ups, but there weren't!  We presented our talks (you give copies to the Greek translators) and they seemed to be accepted okay.  You always hope that you say something that will benefit someone!  We took the mail down too - that has to be most popular job in the mission.  You just have to show up anywhere and you are mobbed by anxious missionaries asking if they have mail.  After the first meeting we left to go to Halandri as we had mail for those that were there also, but we had parked in a new area (for us) around the Church.  As we left we had to make a right turn where we wanted to go left which put us on the road to Pirieas (the main port of Athens and the opposite direction of our destination!  We must have gone about 10 miles before we could turn around!!  Most of that road was freeway.  We finally made it back to Halandri - stayed until the end of meetings there and then home.

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