Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sun. June 24th 2012

Another scorcher today!  The couple from Jo'burg and I have decided the reason we find the heat so oppressive here is because we are at sea level - whereas, in both Calgary (a bit under 4,000ft.) and Jo"burg ( around 5,000ft) the air is less dense.  Don't know if the realization of that helps or not!!  There were only a few at Church today  -  we were told that there will be fewer still in July and August.  The US families go "home" for the two months and Greeks are apt to disappear for a good part of those months also.  Driving should be comparatively heaven!

These trees begin the season with tons of pink blossoms and then turn this deep red color.  At sunrise and sunset the color is incredible - they look like they're on fire!  The color doesn't show up so well in this pic -

IMG 1103


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