Friday, 22 June 2012

Thurs. June 21st 2012

We have been looking for confirmation that some of our money transferred to our Canada a/c made it there.  Midmorning we received a call from the bank here telling us that our transfer was rejected because we didn't have all the required numbers on the transfer!!  So off we go to the bank and parking is like hen's teeth, so we had to walk about 1/2 mile in the hot sun - there was some shade but it was about 33C. in the shade, so it didn't make much difference. We fixed the transfer (I hope) and now we probably won't see any results for a week.The Elks came up here this afternoon and after a good visit (it was Prep. Day) we decided to go to "3 Pigs" for supper.  It was fun.  Brent had "Bifteki" beef style.  It is like a big hamburger, (only it is veal) on whatever they call their flat bread, with raw onion, hot sauce, mayo and tomato on the side.  You order fries separately and they are really good - quite large - soft in the middle and crisp on the edges.  I had a half-size serving of Bifteki but - chicken style.  Sis. Charles' email account was hacked or what ever you call it.  This email came from her on our mission computers and our laptops, (advertising some quick diet fix) but the interesting thing was each message had a different list of recipients - from her address book!  We spent quite a while sending out apology emails to those people.  Oh! the wonders of technology.

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