Friday, 8 June 2012

Thurs. June 7th 2012

The painters were back first thing this morning and they were to paint the kitchen and the President's Office.  Goodbyes were said to the elders that were going to their new areas - one going to Thessaloniki and others going to Cyprus.  Our day progressed fairly normally, but was interspersed with little breaks where the painters had questions and us trying to understand their Greek - it was hilarious, but the painters were good sports about it.  At one point the new assistants - Elders Leit (Denmark) and Stevens (UK)  came back and were able to help with some translation.  They had the "new" elders that had come from Cyprus and Thess. and were on their way to "deliver" them to their new areas - which was all over the city.  They came back really late from doing that and we learned the reason was because they had license plates that ended in an even number and today's date was an odd number which meant that they couldn't take the direct route through the centre, but had to circle way around in order to get to south Athens. (If the day's date is an even number  you cannot go into the centre unless the last number on your license plate is also an even number)!!  Ever since I started here I have been having some trouble reconciling invoices from the "on-line" store with the monthly statement.  I find  a charge on the statement and I try to match it with the invoices I have, but with the   on-line store, nothing matches - not the date - not the money amount and none of the their numbers match any of the number on my invoice!!!!  It has been driving me crazy!  So, I finally decided to call the help desk.  As soon as I gave them my order # they had answers.  I learned that "this charge" was for only one item on the order I had submitted.  I asked - in the future, how can I tell when that is happening and he couldn't answer that, but told me to call them anytime that they would be happy to help me!!  I guess I'll be calling them again!!!  Our supper turned out to be pizza that we ordered in as the painters didn't finish up until 8:30 pm and we couldn't get into the kitchen!!

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