Friday, 8 June 2012

Thurs. May 31st 2012

Up early  -  Zone Conference day!!  Brent and I spent a good part of the morning making three extra large pans of Shepherd's Pie - to feed about 30 people.  We managed to get it to the Halandri building just in time for the lunch break - phew!  Other sisters brought Greek sale - bread chunks - fruit salad and assorted cakes and squares.  Hopefully enough to feed hungry young elders and sisters.  We were then able to attend the afternoon session.  Brent had a part to do called "Disaster!"  -  which gave the missionaries all kinds of pointers on what they should do if there is an earthquake or any kind of a disaster.  Incidentally, there are many, many small earthquakes in and around Athens everyday - ranging from 1 to just under 5.  The missionaries asked a lot of very good questions and Brent, acting like Brent!  the presentation moved along at a good clip.  I think it was time well spent.  Sister Charles spoke regarding health, cleanliness and mental health ( stress, anxiety and depression.) These problems seem to hit a lot of young people in their missionary experience.  Then, Elder Mower (one of our senior couples) spoke and frankly told of how he had suffered with anxiety when he first arrived here.  This was more impressive because of who he is and his background.  He is a lawyer and this last 22 years of his career he was a judge.  To look at him you would never believe he would be the type to suffer so - he has a very quiet, but commanding presence - very calm, confident and dignified.  One of the sisters staying here for the Zone Conference from Thessaloniki is serving a mini-mission and we were given permission to drive her to her parents for a short visit tonight.  They are really nice people, but don't speak much English!

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