Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tues. June 12th 2012

Yet another hot day  -  33C.!!    Our new Assistants came to the office early to get a head-start on preparations for the meeting and the Greek class (which they teach).  The first thing they did though, was to get me out of a mess trying to upgrade a contact address for the IMOS system.  Lunch went over very well - others brought a Spanish casserole - buns - drink and a wonderful craisin (sp) salad.  We lost the internet late this afternoon - just when Brent was trying to contact our bank back  home.  Our internet seems so vulnerable  -  it doesn't imbue you with confidence!  There is another election this coming Sunday and one of the parties say that they are going to seize that banks!!!  We think we'll transfer some of our money back home.

More magnolias  -  this one is just starting to open up - it is as big as a man's fist!  -

IMG 1094 2


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