Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tues. June 26th 2012

Mettings day.  Very ht again!  The work was very diverse today - very much affected by the fact the this is the last meeting day of President's tenure.  It seemed like we were jumping all over the place fixing one thing then jumping quickly to another and it was all going so fast I felt like I was losing it!!  Just too much going on!  After meeting, Pres. & Sis. Charles stay around emptying files and cupboards and tossing a lot of stuff.  They finished up staying for a supper snack of crepes and fruit salad.  We had a lovely little time together  -  they are exceptional folk.  We received notice that we will be getting a new CES couple to replace Mower who are due to go home in Sept.

Our photo today is back to the orange flower tree  -

IMG 1107

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  1. We know the couple that are going to be the new CES couple. They are good friends of ours and Elder Nicholls. We are so excited for them to be serving in the Greece Athens Mission. They are such wonderful people!!