Friday, 8 June 2012

Tues. June 5th 2012

We made three kinds of sandwiches for our "meeting day" lunch - egg salad - chicken salad - ham & cheese - and Greek salad and fruit salad.  Sis. Charles brought water-melon and the couples brought drinks.  Since we were celebrating Sis. Elk's and Sis Charles' birthdays, I made a double chocolate, sour cream with chocolate chips Bundt cake.  We have a Bundt pan here and the cake turned out OK.  We can't buy Miracle Whip here, just mayo and the egg mixture and the chicken mixture lacked flavor and zip.  I added some hot mustard and some apple cider vinegar and that came pretty close to the flavor I like and everyone seemed OK with it.  Later - disaster happened!  I locked up my cell phone!  It is the one I use for the mission.  I had taken out my SIM card and replaced it with the mission SIM card and so it had all the mission numbers etc. on it  -  so it was a critical error.  Who do I call when that kind of trouble hits?  Davey!!  His first question was - what was I doing??!!  I had asked one of the elders if he would put the scriptures on my phone and he said that he would have to do an up-grade in order to do that.  I okayed it - totally forgetting that I wasn't to ever do any up-grades on that phone.  So Dave went through many possibilities of how to solve my problem.  Have Dave try to fix it on-line  -  get a new phone, but getting a new phone here in Greece wouldn't work when I got back to Canada.  I could buy Dave's new iPhone that he is not using and shipping it with FedEx, but that might not make it here (other shipments have gone astray previously).  So back to having Dave try to fix in on-line.  First he tried to get me on iChat (couldn't fix it on Skype) - but our router and firewall here in the office wouldn't allow it - that meant he couldn't share my computer which he must do in order to do the fix.  Some time later he called back - he had found some kind kind of a fix-it program through Rogers costing about $50.00.  So, after a couple of hours, downloading that program, installing it and retrieving my information from my back-up on my laptop (thank goodness I had done that!) I have my phone back with just about everything that was on there before!!  Thank you, Davey!  I am so grateful.

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