Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wed. June 13th 2012

Brent didn't sleep well last night  -  worrying about Greece's situation and whether to transfer some of our money back home  -  so we went to the bank and did it!  He feels that we can always transfer some back if needed, but if the banks are seized then our money could be lost!.  It's getting hotter  -  the girl at the deli told us it was 38C.!!  President & Sis. Charles came over with work for us to do.   They move into the Hotel tonight as the painters are starting to do the renovations at the Mission Home in preparation for our new Mission President - President Freestone - to arrive on the 29th.  Pres. & Sis. C. must feel pretty funny with most of their belongings pack and sent back to England and having to live in a hotel until then!  It's really sad that they are going  -  but it is OK too.  😥

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