Friday, 22 June 2012

Wed. June 20th 2012

The Area Physical Facilities Rep. came by to inspect  the painting job and generally checked out our physical needs here in the office.  We understand that we're in line for a new internet/firewall connection which has actually been ordered.  He said it could take 15 weeks to get here though!!  I'll be patient - after yesterday's experience of not being able to access the 'net because of all the traffic here that used up all the available ports, I could not get on the internet to do my work for 6 hours!!!  Our system is archaic and the new one has unlimited access.  That would certainly cut the frustration and worry of not being able to get online.  As far as the paint job in concerned, it looks like the Rep. wasn't happy about something, because the painter was over (he doesn't speak English) and was trying to tell us what time he wanted to come to fix whatever needed fixing!!  It was a circus trying to understand him and we think  he is coming at 2:00 pm  -  we'll see!

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