Friday, 29 June 2012

Wed. June 27th 2012

Georgio came this morning with the rugs that had been taken away to be cleaned.  It is always nice to see Georgio - he is Albanian - and is always smiling and happy - and he is so fun and cute when trying to communicate with Brent - teaching him words and such - they actually have a lot of fun with it.  We had to make squares for the Training/Farewell meeting this afternoon.  I found an amazing Mars bar square recipe that requires no baking - perfect for Athens in the summer time! Unfortunately, the calories are not any less!!   The meeting turned out to be more Farewell than training - Sis. Charles spoke giving wonderful advice to the young missionaries about life after their mission and finding a wife and things like that.  President's talk was more about mission affairs, but wound up telling us how much he appreciated the opportunity to learn so much from us all and how appreciative he was of the love that existed between us all - a bond that he will never forget.  Then the missionaries shared their testimonies -it was so sweet and some tears were shed.  It's pretty hard for them as Pres. & Sis. C were like parents to a lot of them.  We presented Pres. C. & Sis. C. with a beautiful large picture book of Greece and for Pres. C. mostly, the Greek version of the "Three Little Pigs" - "Τα Τρία Γουρουνάκια"  - I can tell from the pictures that it differs from ours quite a big - there seems to be more stories in it with a Mother pig etc..  There is a wolf and I'm not sure if he blows three houses down, but at the end, there is a dragon that "slys" the wolf and becomes a pet!!!  There, I knew you needed to know all that!

And this is the book -

IMG 1115

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