Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fri. July 6th 2012

It's getting hotter again!!  It makes you feel as though you are not getting any air in your lungs!!  Oh well!  We are VERY thankful for the air conditioning.

Lots of catch-up work to do in the office today for me.  Brent had to send two items via the courier company called TNT.  He carefully looked up the address and checked on Google maps where it was and how to approach it (most everywhere off the main roads the roads are one way, so you really have to check how you are going to get to your destination) - anyway, that didn't help Brent at all because as he got to "the" street, there was a tall delivery truck blocking the way and he couldn't go forward and there were cars behind - all tooting their horns!!!  That totally freaked him out - what was he supposed to do - go over the top of the truck - it was only a narrow lane type of road!!  He gave up in disgust and came home when he could get around the blockade.  We ended up having TNT coming here and picking the stuff up!  We are really enjoying the fruit that is available right now - peaches and nectarines are right in the forefront - strawberries are done and cherries are just about over - I guess the next thing will be grapes!   Yum!

The ones on our tree aren't ripe yet, but these are the store ones -

Images 1


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