Monday, 9 July 2012

Fri. July 6th 2012

Brent had to take a suitcase and a large parcel to a courier company today - TNT.  Before he went, he carefully looked the place up on Google maps and sorted out which streets were one-way and in what direction, so he could could get to the place, but when he arrived at "the street" (which was nothing wider than a narrow lane) he found that it was totally blocked by a large tall truck which was unloading. Brent was stuck there with vehicles behind him, so he couldn't back out and, very quickly, these vehicles all started to toot.  I'm sure they were annoyed with the truck blocking their way, but Brent was also in their way and so he took it a bit personally! Somehow he got around the mess, but he was so mad, he gave up in disgust and came home and called the company to come up to our office and pick up the items.  He also needed to go to the bank and since TNT said they would come between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, he thought he would have time to do that.   No!!  TNT came at 2:30 and although Brent had left their money out for them (just in case they came early) he did not tell me that one of the items was to be "overnight express"!!! and the guy needed to know which one it was.  So I tried to call him on his cell phone, but don't think he had it turned on!!  Anyway, the guy got it sorted out in the end, so all was well.  Brent's foot infection is getting worse.  He went back to the pharmacy and they gave him another kind of ointment to try.  He read on the internet that Listerine is supposed to be good for foot infections - so he tried it - but only succeeded in taking the first layer of skin off!!!!

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