Monday, 2 July 2012

Fri. June 29th 2012

A couple of us made some casseroles to take over to the Mission Home to put in the freezer for the Freestones.  We did a meatball casserole - it look pretty good actually - kind of like a Shepherd's pie, but with meatballs -perhaps we'll try it one day.  There were two baptisms at Halandri this afternoon - two ladies.  It was very nice.  We were supposed to have gone straight to the airport from there to meet the Freestones, but were informed that because of huge thunderstorms in the eastern U.S., their flight had been delayed and they missed their connection - so, instead of arriving at 5:20 pm we now were given the arrival time of 2:30 am!  THEN - another 75 minutes was added on to that!  -  so we finally met them at 3:45 am   Poor dears - they looked so tired.

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