Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mon. July 2nd 2012

We spent Just about the whole morning working with President F. trying to get him up to speed on the mission business.  Sister F. is still not much better - Brent suggested that I make her some conji which I did and later Pres. told us that it was the only thing that she's been able to keep down.  I had trouble with one of my orders - got everything in place and hit the submit button and I got two errors that I couldn't understand and they just didn't sam to apply to anything I had on the page.  I called the Global Help desk and the guy there actually took over my screen and in the end he couldn't figure it out either - so he took a screen shot and said he would pass it on to an "expert" in that particular program!!!  So I sit and wait for an answer!  We had very high winds again today, with the result that plum started falling off the plum tree.  They are soooo sweet and juicy - I've never tasted plums so sweet.

Here are some of the plums -

IMG 1120


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