Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mon. July 9th 2012

I talked to Jani - she Skyped me and we both started singing Happy Birthday at the same time!!  Also "talked" to Davey - they are in Bigfork, Montana on their way to a family reunion.  He said that because they had 1,200 at church, they had to cancel the rest of the meetings!!  That's what happens at resort towns I guess. Brent's foot infection is getting worse.  He went back to the pharmacist and he took one look and immediately said - Go to the doctor!  He got an appointment for 7:00 pm tonight.  We went out to airport to pick up Pres. and Sis. Freestone  -  we were on time, but their flight was 20 mins. late, but it was nice and cool inside the airport!  So, Brent went to the doctor at 7:00 pm and was told that it was a microbiological infection with eczema and he has one oral and three topical meds.  However, no drug stores were open that late -  it have to be our first job for tomorrow!

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