Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sat.July 14th 2012

Brenda's birthday!  We caught up with her for a quick Hi and Happy Birthday as they were on their way to meet Katie Frost and her mom, so that was nice. It was a bit of a run-around day as we received help call after help call!!  First, we were almost on our way out the door when the missionaries called from Halandri chapel.  They were trying to put warm water in the baptismal font, but it wasn't working for them, so we were headed out to go and help them and when the next call came - Elder Mower was stuck in the elevator down at Acropoli Chapel!!  this elevator has a limit of 3 people and he was in there by himself - he is a pretty large man and I can just imagine how freaked out he probably was.  Here, his wife was upstairs and he was yelling and phoning and nobody could hear him - not even the emergency phone for the elevator people was being answered!!!  So when he got us, we sprang into action, trying to see if any missionaries were in the area, but the ones closest were the sisters and they were 15 minutes away!!  So then the decision was made to call the fire department.  By the time they got there and actually got him out, he had been in that box for an hour.  That would be very unpleasant for me.  So then we went to Halandri and checked out their problem, and found no solution.  Brent thinks that when the temperatures get so high, there is an automatic cutoff to the hot water heater!!  Maybe!!  Then we dashed off to get sandals for Brent - because of the infection he has been told to wear sandals if he can't go barefoot.  We accomplished that and was driving out of the parkade, when our next help call came.  The Elks' car wouldn't start and they were stuck at the grocery store trying to leave with their groceries frying in the back of their car!!!  It was 38C.and Sis. Elks was not feeling well.  So we dashed over there and got their car started with jumper cables and we made sure they got home before we went (late) to the baptismal service.  That was enough excitement for one day.

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