Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sun. July 15th 2012

Received a lovely surprise first thing this morning when I checked my email and found two super photos - one of Lauryn and Katie and the other of Brenda and Alyson and Sophie and Eric and Anne and Trevor.  This family are US citizens but they live in Halandri Branch.  Lauryn and Katie have been emailing back and forth for some time now and when Katie found out that Lauryn was going to be in SL and they were also, they made arrangements to meet up.  They are a copycat family to Brenda's  family -  Alyson is about the same age as Brenda and they have two boys and two girls.  We went and picked the Elks up for church as their car would not start again!!  We had to give talks today!  When we got home we received another "help" call from a member whose relative was dying and although she had the cash for the ticket (which was for her Dad to go to his brother's bedside) she needed a credit card to make the booking for tomorrow morning.  That generated a bunch of phone calls which was very time consuming - but we got it done!  Then I tried to get everything ready to leave early on our outing to Delphi tomorrow.

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