Saturday, 14 July 2012

Thurs. July 12th 2012

Brent's foot infection is a bit better today 😃     The Greek lawyers for the Church came to have an introductory meeting with Pres. F. this morning,  bringing him up-to-date on Church business/policies in Greece.  One of the lawyers brought some honey for us that  comes from her family's property.  The bees get it from pine trees!!! she said.  It is a very different taste than we are used to and hard to enjoy that taste, but it is sweet and it is honey.  Later when Brent and I went for haircuts, the temperature was 42C.  -  that is soooooo hot - you can hardly breath!  We tried to work when we got home, but our brains were mush and it was hopeless - just as well is was about the end of our day.  Sorry folks, but the weather seems to be all we can talk about lately.

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