Saturday, 7 July 2012

Thurs. July 5th 2012

The Elks came by with two young elders who had been having trouble with their washing machine.  Somehow, over time, a number of old washing machines have  been stored at the Mission Home basement - so they were on their way over there to get one of them to replace the broken one at the elder's apartment.  They were back again in the afternoon and Brent and Elder Elks both went to this "home" for mentally disabled folk to assemble three sofas that had been deliver to them.  The  Elks have been in charge of a humanitarian project for that group and they needed sofas badly.  Apparently they have very little - nowhere to sit comfortably, nowhere to store things etc. etc. and the food is a challenge as well.  They are receiving help from other places too, so hopefully they'll be a bit better off with all our combined help.  Sis. Elks stayed with me in the office and we tackled the filing system - going through all the files and tossing obsolete materials and having a lot of fun in the effort - and learning a few things too about past happenings!

Our Jani sent us this picture so we thought we'd share it with you  -  title is:

"No distracted driving law in Greece!"

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