Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tues. July 3rd 2012

We began our day cutting up veges and fruit to make platters for the training meeting later today.  Pres. F. drove us down to the meeting - Sis. Freestone is still not good and had to stay home.  As it was Pres. F's first meeting with the missionaries, everyone was interested to see how it would go. We weren't disappointed - he was wonderful!  Lunch went over well - one of the sisters made chicken salad croissants and they were yummy!  After the meeting back at the office we spent a good deal of time with Pres. F. - helping him to get his new passwords set up for the different functions that he needed.  One big plus for me was that he decided to operate on only one calendar from now on - suits me fine - we've always had problems with the calendars anyway.

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