Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wed. July 25th 2012

There is a fair bit of work that goes with arriving missionaries - we have to make pictures for the missionary board.  If the missionary didn't bring photos, then Brent has to take photos of each of them (none of them brought photos?) Then I have to mount them onto a little "frame" of cardboard and produce a label with their name and release date on it and put that altogether and laminate it.  Then you attach a magnet to the back of it and it's ready for the board.   Also you have to add their names to the email contact list and the the "Missionary Home address" list.  You have to add the parents to the "parent's email contact list" etc. etc & etc.   The missionaries themselves had another full day of training with Pres. Freestone - both new and old missionaries.  There was another car accident today - the same elder (one of the assistants, and a really super elder) was sitting at a red light waiting for it to change when this guy rear-ended him!!!   The guy was most apologetic etc. but here again - the stress it puts on these young elders is not nice.  He's beginning to get a complex - that he's a target for Greek drivers!!!  Like the other accident - nobody was hurt, but it is a real inconvenience.

Some flowers growing a Delphi -

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