Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fri. August 24th 2012

Maria's god-daughter was here visiting.  Her fiancee is an electrical engineer and he is interested in the oil & gas industry, so Rania wanted to learn all she could from Brent about that in Canada so she could pass it on to him .  He spent about an hour with her on that and also touched on employment tips when applying for a job.  Rania is such a cutie.  A landlord from one of the elders' apartments called complaining  about the dirty apartment.  We hardly ever get calls like that and we just had a presentation at the last training meeting regarding cleanliness and health - which included apartments!  We didn't tell Pres. F.  -  just passed it on the couple in charge of apartments.  I think Pres. would tear a strip off them!  We'll give them a chance to improve.  We had our couples' evening at the Mission Home and it was a great evening.  After eats and some visiting we saw a movie about a young Polish woman, who under cover of working with social services in the war, rescued 2,400 Jewish children.  In spite of the somber theme it was very moving and we really liked it.

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