Monday, 6 August 2012

Fri. August 3rd 2012

We drove Pres. & Sis. to the airport this afternoon.  We were just about back to the office when we received a phone call from Pres. F. - he left his GPS in the glove box and asked us to race back to try and get it to him.  It would be touch-and-go, but he thought we could make it.  When we were about halfway there, he phoned again to see how far away we were and upon establishing that, he decided to forget it as they had just been called to board their aircraft!  We turned around and were once again, almost home when we received another phone call saying that there was a delivery man at the office trying to make a delivery.  Now this was peculiar  as the elder who was calling was not at the office and had received a call from the delivery people - so someone must have given them his number - we still don't know who that was - anyway we sent the message back that we were about 5 minutes away.  When we got to the office, they had gone.  It did work out OK though, because they came back about a half hour later, so that was good.  Then we get another phone call from Pres. F. to say that the plane had been delayed for half an hour !!!!    - so we could have given him the GPS after all!!!   It was a crazy afternoon.  We received an email from the Church travel dept. asking for "return travel requests" for all missionaries going home between now and mid-January.  I guess they have to get their bookings in early over the holiday season or they miss out.

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