Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mon. August 13th 2012

A friend made a comment that she didn't know what was happening as I hadn't written in my blog lately and I thought that I had written up to last Sunday, but now I see what she meant because it was the Sunday before that that I last wrote!!  There is so much to do - the time is just whizzing by and Brent and I are constantly asking each other what day is it!

This was the day that we got e-mails and Skypes from home regarding the major hail storm they had in Calgary, with some hail-stones about 2-1/2in. in diameter. Haven't heard if our house was damaged yet - but we did see a video of a huge highway traffic sign getting blown down during the storm, which video made it onto CNN!  It was spectacular.  Our dear South African landlady heard our tale of woe regarding the lack of fry pans in Greece.  She fished out one that she had brought from South Africa years ago and gave it to us.  She is the nicest person.  Brent and I were assigned to do potato salad for the big training meeting tomorrow at Acropoli Branch, so tonight, we boiled up eggs and potatoes tonight for it.

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