Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mon, August 27th 2021

It's Prep day, but Brent is already at work, helping to get one of the Elks' car in for repairs - the one that Brent was driving when the motor cyclist ran into him - yes, that was in April and it has taken this long for the insurance company and others to get their act together!!!  also, President is coming to the office, needing our help.  Brent came back here with Elder Elks, who is now without a car for the rest of the week and has a full schedule to accomplish this week and so, we let him have ours which leaves us having to share the President's car when necessary.  It'll work out.  The two Thessaloniki elders arrived to attend the training meeting tomorrow.  All missionaries do their letters home etc. on Mondays and to this point these elders had not done theirs, so they did that here and after, the assistants ordered in pizza.  Brent and I had eaten earlier, and so, another round of food was being consumed - not me though!  One of our computers has not been connected to the internet for the last while and so Brent and Elder S. made a real effort to see what the problem was.  After running a diagnostic process, it appeared that the computer needed it's IP address entered???  Davey says that should be automatic!  We were having trouble finding where to do that and I thought I had the IP address, but found out it was just a password.  We'll try again later.

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