Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mon. July 30th 2012

We spent part of our Prep Day with the Elks.  This afternoon we met them at "The Mall."   They hadn't been there before and were curious to see it, so we went with them.  As it was a very hot day, we thought that would be a pleasantly cool place to go!    Wrong!   We could tell that each store was nice and cool,  but in the mall walkways on four different levels there didn't seem to be any AC - just what filtered out from the shops!!!  Part of handling the austerity problem, I suppose.  Anyway we had fun looking at all these familiar stores - Tommy Hilfiger, Addidas, Marks & Spencer, Levi's, Colors of Benetton, Clarks' Shoes - and dozens more that are in malls all over the world including Calgary.  The top level was mostly food court area - they had KFC and "Haagen Dazs" is big over here - and they have a place called "Goodies" that sells pretty good burgers.  We got some slurpees and fries and the men had burgers.  We had a fun time.

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