Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sat. August 11th 2012

Our substitute cleaning lady came today with her niece Yovita, who also helped clean.  Miracle of miracles - Brenda's parcel came today and it only took four days to get here!  It's wonderful to get stuff from home.  We went to a baptism at Halandri today - it was very nice.  The fellow was French speaking so the service was in French and English this time.  Right after, we were supposed to go to the airport to pick up the Assts. -  but we didn't have to hurry away because the plane was half an hour late.  Once again we had fun watching people at the airport!  It was really cloudy this afternoon and when we got back from the airport, about 7:30 pm, the temp. was 26C.  -  I don't think we've seen that temp. since early May!!  -  boy! did that feel good.

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