Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sat. August 25th 2012

We woke up to a very strong smell of smoke!We could see a huge continuous cloud of smoke drifting over us from the north.  Falling from the cloud was what looked like grey cornflakes and also, pine needles, still perfect in shape, but black and they would disintegrate as soon as you touched them.  We went to do our grocery shopping at 8am and when we reached the store, we could see the fire only about  miles down the road and you could see the flames.  On lady said that the fire had been set as it was reported that at 4am, a black car left the area and five small explosions were heard at that time - the time the fire started!  We suspect some houses went up in flames - a lot homes are built right in the forests and they don't clear the trees.  Brent went to sweep up the ash off the back "deck" (it's marble) and this thing moved and scared the wits out of him - so he got his camera and below is the critter - a big green praying mantis!

IMG 1170

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