Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sun. August 12th 2012

I told one of the poorer members last week that I would get him some sheets and he called this morning - oooops!  I had forgotten to get them.  I felt bad.  We were up early making food for "pot-luck" Sunday.  We made penne pasta salad, Greek salad, and chips and (store bought) chocolate loaf cake.  You never know how many will come, although we guessed that we wouldn't have many - but you have to allow for the maximum anyway!  Actually, there were two missionary couples and us, and the one challenged lady (but she didn't stay) and the 1st counsellor, who didn't stay either.  He is with the US embassy and came in jeans and sports shirt with ID tags because he was called in to work at 3 am on an emergency.  One of their guys committed suicide on the compound and this brother was part of the investigating team.  They had a couple of hours off early today while they waited for personal to arrive from the States - so he was able to come for a short while to meetings.  Meetings were good and the "pot-luck" was really fun with it just being the six of us.  It was just like we were on an outing together!

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