Monday, 6 August 2012

Thurs. August 2nd 2012

Maria brought to our attention that the windows to the missionary apartment downstairs were in need of cleaning!!   Brent worked on that this morning - luckily we had another "mild" day which made the job more tolerable.  So, when you do a "good deed" you sometimes are rewarded and maybe that's what happened today because Sis. Freestone came over with cake for us!  It was awesome!  I think it was banana spice cake with cream cheese plus powdered sugar frosting and Brent's piece was plain, but my piece was loaded with pecan nuts!  It was soooo yummy! She knows I love nuts but can't often have them because of Brent's allergy!!  Maria is so nice and it's really cute how she gets us all involved in her work  -  she needed a larger bracket for something and so, as Brent had to go to the store anyway, he was able to get her bracket.  She is a "working fool" - I wish I had her energy. This is all in preparation for her son, daughter-in-law and grandchild coming to visit - she even had a new shower installed.  Of course, we are getting our office work done - but Maria and her goings on are pretty interesting.

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