Friday, 31 August 2012

Thurs. August 30th 2012

The garage called to say the Elks' car is repaired and ready for pick-up.  Elks came to get Brent and they went down to the garage and got their car back -  so now we have our car back and the Elks' car is looking really nice.  Maria brought little Gisele down for her dose of medicine again  -  Giseles' Dad had bought new runners for her and she had to run really fast for me!!  She's only three, but she has those folk tied around her little finger for sure!  It was a fairly quiet day - a good day for catch-up.  Later the Assistants came by - they needed to borrow the dolly to help one of our members move to a new place.  I haven't said much about the weather lately as it has been cooling off a bit and we are loving it.  Brent just read that this July was the hottest on record since they began keeping records in 1897 and the average during July was 37.7C.  Today, it was 27C. and that felt very nice.

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