Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tues. August 28th 2012

Elders Elks and Maxwell had to meet with Pres. Freestone this morning at the Mission Home, so their wives came here to the Mission Office and offered me some help.  I put them to work in reorganizing the cupboard where we store "Pass-along cards" that missionaries and members hand out to people.  It looks fantastic now and we had a fun time working together on it.  Elders E. & M. were back here after an hour or so, as the President had that training meeting with those four "new" elders and their trainers - so, all six of us started to throw around ideas for the get-together for the Mowers, who are leaving at the end of September.  I think I said somewhere that we were thinking of a roast or a kangaroo court - it looks like it will be a kangaroo court - appropriately so, as E. Mower was a judge before coming on his mission.  We had tons of fun with hilarious suggestions being offered at a rapid pace!  I think it will be good.  Maria and Gisele and her mom surprised me with a knock on the door and a request that I play doctor - this in an effort to get Gisele to take her medicine!!!  There they were - armed with medicine and spoon and water to wash it down and some little gummy treats to make it all better!!  It was quite the production  -  Maria sure loves her little granddaughter - she certainly is a cutie.  Brent had another experience regarding the process to get that car repaired.  He took the car in and they are going to do the repairs, but, they gave him a form which they "stamped."  It then had to be translated so we can understand it, then filled out and "stamped" by us and and then taken to the police station to be "stamped" (which only verifies that Brent's signature is indeed Brent's signature) and then taken back to the garage so that they can request payment from the insurance company!!!

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